Chris Menlove-Platt

“Helping people help themselves”

Leadership and Management Development Training


As well as enjoying the use of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), I use as the foundations to my coaching and training.  With that in mind, I am accredited as a Master Practitioner of NLP and an internationally certified NLP Trainer.

Qualified in Level B psychometric testing which includes MBTI, I have a post-graduate Diploma in Occupational Assessments. I am also a Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management (ILM) and am a recognised Trainer and Coach with the Association of NLP (ANLP).

In the field of running and running coaching, I am a UK Athletics qualified Coach in Running Fitness (CiRF) which means I can coach and train anyone who wish to run any distance on any terrain except in track competitions.  I am also the main Coach and Coach Co-Ordinator for my local running club (Plymouth Musketeers).

Training and Development

When I am engaged as a trainer, I prefer to design and develop programmes that address my clients’ needs so that they are focussed and make a difference to the organisation that has engaged me. I also love developing strong business relationships via networking, and creating mutual benefits, links and interdependency.

When training, I am a charismatic and energetic facilitator who enjoys creating transformation within my delegates through the programmes that I deliver.

Business Mind Coach

I am a business coach and as such, I enjoy helping people become really effective by allowing them to investigate their own inner resources so that they can understand and act on their own issues and grow their own strengths.

Through helping individuals in business there is a resultant effect upon the effectiveness of the team and the organisation.

Exercise and Sports Mind Coach

In terms of sports mind coaching, there are two groups of people that I enjoy helping.  There are those people who are avoiding getting into exercise and those who already exercise or undertake sport and wish to improve.  I want to assist all of them in helping them understand their mind so that they can tackle the limiting beliefs and hurdles that are stopping them taking either the first step of putting their training kit on and starting exercising or improving their performance from inside themselves.