Do you want to enjoy your life experience and rise to the challenges you meet in both your professional and personal lives?

Keeping healthy through good nutrition and exercise is the starting point to achieving this goal.  But physical activity begins with your mental state, whether you are hoping to get fitter, learning a new sport, or training to win.

For me there are 4 stages of exercising and sport which are:

Starting out – How many of us have found that our road to being healthier is littered with many good intentions and yet we have been unable to either start or maintain our new regime?  Often the barriers to our progress are limiting beliefs:  “gyms are full of lithe, muscle-bound people” “running clubs are for runners, and I’m not a runner”.

Changing our mental state and thoughts about exercise will get us started.

Continuing to exercise – Once we have started, we need motivation to maintain the effort to get fitter and improve.  Understanding our own values and the drivers that motivate us will overcome the mental barriers to continuing our journey to great health.

Amateur sports – When you want to improve your performance or technique but seem to have reached a peak, the obstacles may be within yourself.  Aligning your unconscious mind to your conscious desire, or making sure your goals are in line with the rest of your life, may be the change you need.  It could be as simple as changing your self-talk.

High Performance – Those of you at the top of your sport can improve through an understanding of the part your mind plays in your performance.  Mind coaching is the third corner of a triangle that works with the physical (technique and skill) and nurtition to ensure that you achieve all you are capable of.

If you believe that you would like to learn more about how I can help you start, maintain and improve in your exercising and sport through helping you understand your mind and the power that your unconscious mind can bring to bear to your performance, contact me for a free discussion.