(General Feedback, Coaching, Training, NLP)

General Feedback


I just wanted to drop you a quick line to say thanks again for the NLP day session. A particular remark that you made on the day.. stuck with me and moved me into action.  You said it was important to work in an environment which shares the same values as yourself.  Clearly my current employment does not agree with me and I spent time evaluating exactly what my values are and the sort of place I want to work.  I arranged an interview and have been appointed to a new role. The tips and guidance given in your course really helped me concentrate better in the interview and gave me loads of confidence.  I was able to be myself much more.

Elspeth Chaser (Colleague Referral)

Chris is an absolute delight to work with. He is so passionate, naturally empathic and open to new experiences and learning new things which make him perfect for his role as an NLP coach. Whilst at FranklinCovey, we worked on many deals together and I was always struck by the quality of business development relationships he had created and how much he understood our client's business. He is organized and good at detail as well which is a rare and precious quality in this field.

Neil Bulman

When I think of the word "energy" I think of Chris. Having worked with Chris on a number of occassions now I can honestly say this is a man that knows his stuff and is always striving for (and achieving) excellence. His knowledge of NLP and coaching and his professionalism is outstanding and I challenge anyone to work with Chris and not then feel totally motivated, empowered and ready and even eager for the next challenge.

Antony Jinman

I thank Chris very much for his efforts in inspiring me to take a real interest in NLP, which I will now study at a top level. Chris is truly an outstanding individual, that has the ability to adapt and provide fantastic and extremely professional, personal services like no other individual I have met.

Nick Lambert

I've known Chris for many years - his performance reflects the same vigour, enthusiasm and professionalism that I recall from as early as 1980. A highly motivated man, his experience and coaching skills would surely be to the benefit of any company.

Craig Hiles

I have worked with Chris on many occasions. He is a person of high personal integrity, and he brings discipline and organisation to the process. Chis has great interpersonal skills, is energetic and develops lasting relationships.


For someone so senior and so capable, Chris has extraordinary humility. This is just one of the great reasons to work with him - along with his humour, care, dedication, sincerity, professionalism, etc. Few professionals in the facilitation and coaching business have such rigour in the areas of consulting and analysis that Chris also brings. He would be an asset to any hard-edged business initiative that requires people with significant empathy, judgement and courage.

Nigel Day

I've known Chris for over three years as a member of a sister club to the breakfast club I'm in. He's a fantastic trainer. Unfailingly upbeat and enthusiastic he can make any subject enjoyable and interesting. I've used Chris as a sounding board many times and always appreciated the sound advice he's provided.



Chris is a very positive, motivational person and coach. He is full of energy and his enthusiasm is contagious. He encourages others to solve their own dilemmas and problems whilst at the same time he is in tune with others around him, realising if and when they could benefit from his focus.He is genuinely committed and excited about helping others reach their goals and tackling challenges. What he delivered I’ve had several formal and informal coaching sessions with Chris and have achieved many things as a result. These include:
  • Realising my own values and living by them.
  • Realising others have different values and live by them.
  • Realising what was always there but wasn’t able to see.
  • I’ve learnt how the way we communicate is so important.
  • Barriers are usually self imposed.
  • It’s ok to be good at what we do and be proud of our successes.
  • We forget to be confident and self assured. We need reminding occasionally.
  • Personal/Professional/Social aspects of our life are all interconnected. Problems and dilemmas in one aspect affect us as a whole. I no longer try to compartmentalise.


Chris has an extremely empathetic, challenging and empowering style of coaching. We have dug deeply into many issues and as a result, enabled me to take control of my options and my future. We regularly have sessions when I am stuck and as a result I become not just unstuck, but free to positively move forward.


Chris uses his considerable coaching skills with an easy and professional manner for both business and personal situations. I am happy to recommend him to help anyone achieve both short and longer term results.


Nigel Wilkinson

Presented in an enthusiastic but sympathetic manner by someone who obviously has a passion for his subject and clearly enjoys imparting information in an entertaining, although never frivolous, manner.  I would not hesitate to recommend an NLP course, run by CMP, to anyone who wished to gain further insight into this subject.

Alison Theaker

Chris makes sure you don't forget the techniques he has taught you. He makes it his business to oversee implementation of his approach.


Chris is a very effective facilitator and all of the attendees were fully engaged the entire day.  I would always recommend Chris to others as he not only very good at what he does; he is very personable and engaging with people.

Sam Gray

We found it to be a really positive eye opener into the world of communication.As designers we work with visual communication every day but nothing would have prepared us for just how important it really is – this course really is a ‘must do’!  Presented by Chris MP, we were engaged from the word go. Like a good book we couldn’t put it down and to this day, use the valuable lessons learnt!


Rob Tolchard

Attended an Introduction to NLP training with Chris. This was a terrific day that gave me a valuable insight as to how NLP may benefit me.

Tracey Hanwell

Excellent introduction [to NLP], well delivered and adapted to our needs and questions.

Claire Tonkin

I thought the course was very interesting and useful in the areas it covered and Chris was a most enthusiastic and energetic presenter so I stayed awake throughout!

Sam Dyer

Chris has an impressive ability to break down the most complex of theories in a way which makes them easy to comprehend and, more importantly, exposes the key message behind them.  He is undoubtedly highly capable and I would liken his ability to engage with people and hold interest to that of Stephen Fry.  If you have any interest in your own well-being, then you really should attend at least the NLP Introduction course.

Sally Mitchell

I found the course stimulating, fast-paced, if rather intense at times, and thought provoking.  I have come away with a much better understanding of NLP and how it can vastly improve the effectiveness of communication with others in the work environment and in the wider community.  Today's session, as an introductory course, has given me a useful overview of the key concepts of NLP and the accompanying notes provided will prove useful reference materials.

Deborah Smith

I started learning as soon as I had the structure of the day and the way that it was written up...... I was able to gain insight and tools for how to change myself and my outlook both in my personal life and work life.  I gained tools to help me with challenges at work and deal with problems differently.

Colin Worden

Enlightening - Encouraging - Soul searching and fun..... Chris you have given me so much food for thought - great day.  Thank you for all your hard work

Dr Nova Mieszkowska

Informative, well structured, provision of relevant and useful knowledge, good working examples for the group, delivered in a positive, pleasant manner by CMP